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Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer to act as patron of bautec 2020

August 27, 2019 - bautec has secured another important partner. Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Community Horst Seehofer is to act as patron of bautec, which will be taking place from 18 to 21 February 2020 on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.

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Future City @ Grünbau Berlin 2019

Is it possible to plan safer cities? What aspects have to be considered with regard to rainwater management? How can more greenery be incorporated in cities? What role does street furniture play? These and other questions were examined by the specialist forum Future City@GRÜNBAU BERLIN (Zukunft Stadt@GRÜNBAU BERLIN) on 11 April 2019. Together with its partners Garten+Landschaft and Playground@Landscape, bautec invited industry experts to the Marshall Haus on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds in order to discuss current issues and the challenges facing planners in the development of open spaces and urban areas.

Lastrup encourages activities – for everyone

Keep off? The traditional caretaker mentality is a thing of the past at the Lastrup sports school in the Cloppenburg district.

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The urban landscape as an activities area

Martin Gessinger is a traceur. He engages in the sport known as parkour, in which the body’s own capabilities are used to traverse obstacles with the maximum efficiency.

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Bollards with added value

Landscape architect Timo Herrmann is convinced that, despite security requirements, urban planning “must reflect the fact that we live in an open and liberal society.” The work that Herrmann has been commissioned with includes designing protective installations in front of the Humboldt-Forum in Berlin.

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‘The Self-Defensive City‘

The use of structural measures to protect against the risks of terrorism is becoming an increasingly important aspect of urban planning. Such defensive measures are guided by three different philosophies, according to the architect Theo Deutinger, speaking at the specialist forum Future City@Grünbau Berlin 2019 (Zukunft Stadt@Grünbau Berlin).

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Retention basin protects against the impact of climate change

The effects of climate change are now being felt in the town of Wesseling near Cologne. During heavy rainfall combined water from the north of the Keldenich district flows into the lower-lying centre of the town in such quantities that streets, basements and underground car parks are flooded. Drains and run-offs can no longer cope with the volume of water.

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Regrowth on roofs

Each year some ten million square metres of rooftops in Germany are used for cultivation, according to Gunter Mann from the building greening association Bundesverband GebäudeGrün e.V., who was a speaker at the specialist forum Future City@Grünbau Berlin 2019 (Zukunft Stadt@Grünbau Berlin).

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