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New Products 2016

3YOURMIND: Full service for 3D printing

3YOURMIND: Full service for 3D printing
3D printed plaster model of a well filtration system

3YOURMIND GmbH provides end-to-end 3D printing solutions (illustration). It offers consulting and data preparation services for industrial customers, architects and marketing specialists and develops intelligent software to prepare data for 3D printing. With the exhibitor’s products, customers can print three-dimensional models of individual buildings or even entire neighbourhoods from various data sources – for example from municipal open source platforms or topological maps recorded by unmanned aerial vehicles (so-called “drones”). The Berlin-based company also hosts the 3D printing comparison portal “”. This portal helps architects and engineers to optimise and print models of buildings in a wide range of materials directly from a CAD programme with virtually one single click. 3YOURMIND is among Germany’s top 100 innovators for a digital world and is winner of the 2015 “Deutschland – Land der Ideen” [Germany – Land of Ideas] award.

3YOURMIND GmbH/ Technische Universität Berlin
Hall 25, Booth 220a

Contact: Heinz Ackermann
Phone: +49-30-55578747

Alko Fördertechnik: A specially designed lift for retrofitting older buildings

Alko Fördertechnik: A specially designed lift for retrofitting older buildings
Elevator/lift PAUL

Alko Fördertechnik GmbH, based in Eberswalde, is presenting “PAUL” (illustration) at its exhibition stand in Hall 21a at bautec 2016. PAUL is the first lift specifically designed for retrofitting older buildings. Its distinguishing features are compact overall dimensions of 1,635 x 1,500 mm (w x d), a lift pit depth of only 250 mm and an overhead of 2,600 mm. It is equipped with the latest drive technology. Thanks to optimisation of the installation technology in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute, this lift can be installed in a very short time without an additional crane. Being a system provider, Alko Fördertechnik offers full service – from planning right through to construction services, including construction of the high-quality lift shaft tower. According to the exhibitor, safe operation of the lift is guaranteed by trained and highly-qualified personnel in order to ensure long service-life of the investment.

Alko Fördertechnik GmbH
Hall 21b, Booth 202

Contact: Wolfgang Schügner
Phone: +49-3334-279890

ALUMAT Frey: Zero threshold sills on outside doors – fall prevention combined with quality design

ALUMAT Frey: Zero threshold sills on outside doors – fall prevention combined with quality design
Zero threshold seal

Only doorways that have absolutely no threshold sills meet present-day requirements with regard to an ageing population, barrier-free access, safety and good design. As the manufacturers point out, these ultra-flat and well-tried “zero thresholds” (illustration) by ALUMAT, certified to meet the highest demands in terms of tightness and permeability, increase the value of real estate by finally fulfilling such needs. In principle, anyone can trip over a sill, and nowadays already more than 20 million people are considered to be greatly at risk of falling. According to safety-at-work studies, even a height difference of 4 mm constitutes a potential hazard. The ALUMAT magnetic double door seals made by this specialist company from Kaufbeuren have no raised sills and are suitable for all outside doors. The seals, which have been on the market for more than 15 years, have extremely high sealing qualities – driving-rain water-tightness class 9 A and air infiltration class 4 – despite having no doorsill, ensuring that no water can penetrate into the building.

Hall 25, Booth 420

Contact: Claudia Rager-Frey
Phone: +49-8341-4725

beam: Chemical-free cleaning

beam: Chemical-free cleaning
Blue Evolution S+ steam vacuum-cleaner system

According to the manufacturer, maximum hygiene, efficiency and performance are the most striking features of the new HACCP-certified steam vacuum-cleaner systems by beam. The innovative multifunctional devices were specifically developed for industrial use and their most striking feature is an environmentally-friendly cleaning technique. They are suitable for a wide range of application scenarios, such as production facilities, workshops and retail stores, for example. The series includes the “Blue Evolution S” and “Blue Evolution S+” systems (illustration) as well as the three-phase power version “Blue Evolution XL+”. The concept of beam’s Blue-Evolution series of steam vacuum cleaners is extraordinary but simple: the vacuum cleaner steam-cleans and vacuums in one single operation, requires no cleansing agents whatsoever, and not only consumes 93 percent less water than standard cleaning methods but also reduces cleaning time by 60 percent.

beam GmbH
Hall 22b, Booth 211

Contact: Ingo Jensen
Phone: +49-8331-991880

BEVER: Every centimetre counts

BEVER: Every centimetre counts
Wire wall ties in a double-shell masonry wall

As thermal insulation requirements become stricter and insulation material thicknesses increase, the shell distances required increase as well. The BEVER company has successfully tackled these problems (illustration). In keeping with the motto “every centimetre counts”, the new type Well-L, PB-10, ZV-Welle and PU-Welle cavity wall ties made of 4 mm thick wire can now span a permissible cavity width of 250 mm, thus extending the formerly permitted 200 mm widths by a remarkable 50 mm and – also new – to a maximum permitted building height of 25 m. Time-consuming new calculations, lengthy special approval procedures with accompanying time delays and costs are now a thing of the past. The new development allows architects, structural engineers, construction companies and material supply shops to plan with certainty, not only for large projects but also for single homes and apartment blocks. The new approval has not led to any changes in the tried and tested wave-shaped ends of the wall ties.

Hall 21a, Booth 135

Contact: Klemens Grawe
Phone: +49-2723-97600

Blauberg Ventilatoren: Single-room ventilation system with heat recovery

Blauberg Ventilatoren: Single-room ventilation system with heat recovery
VENTO Expert ventilation system

Blauberg Ventilatoren’s “VENTO Expert” series (illustration) for apartments, houses, recreational facilities and commercial buildings is a totally new development. The system can be controlled either by an operating panel on the master device or by remote control. Signals from remote-control devices can only be received by the master device. The VENTO Expert system is equipped with a humidity sensor to control indoor relative humidity. Interlinking several ventilators in series ensures controlled room ventilation. The ventilation system is designed for installation in an exterior wall opening, and the exhibitor explains that installing the reversible ventilators in pairs operated in opposite directions is the ideal arrangement. VENTO Expert has three speed ranges, a power consumption ranging from 3.6 – 5.2 kW, speeds of 800 – 1,900 s-1 and a throughput of between 15 and 50 m³/h in ventilation mode.

Blauberg Ventilatoren GmbH
Hall 22b, Booth 206

Contact: Martin Edler von Dall’Armi
Phone: +49-89-78508088

bluMartin: Intelligent active fresh air exchange system

bluMartin: Intelligent active fresh air exchange system
Improved energy efficiency with the freeAir ventilation system

At bautec 2016 the Weßling-based company bluMartin is exhibiting its latest innovation: the intelligent active freeAir plus air exchange system. This system is an addition to the company’s wall-mounted external freeAir 100 fresh air system and enables ventilation of additional rooms without installing extra ducts, which is a big advantage particularly when refurbishing. On average, the freeAir plus consumes only 1 W. The freeAir 100, which supplies ventilation to users’ needs, also uses very little energy. In practice, the efficient counterflow heat exchanger recovers around 90 per cent of heat. It has received the highest possible energy rating of A+ in accordance with EU eco-design guidelines. Combined, the two systems ensure ultra-efficient ventilation in new buildings and permit energy-efficient refurbishment (illustration).

bluMartin GmbH
Hall 22b, Booth 219

Contact: Astrid Kahle
Phone: +49-8153-8890336

Bott: Securing tools and materials the easy way

Bott: Securing tools and materials the easy way

bott vario vehicle furniture and fittings not only secure your loads firmly, they also help you organise your cargo space and keep work materials within easy reach. At bautec 2016, this exhibitor is demonstrating how bott vario vehicle fittings lend themselves perfectly to the building industry’s needs. The solutions are so sturdy that a separate product line for heavy work in the vehicle is not required. The bottTainer (illustration) allows easy and safe storage of tools and materials on open cargo trays and excellent organisation of the cargo spaces of vans and pick-up trucks. The bottTainers’ sturdy frame structure makes them extremely strong and stable. As bott points out, its product range contributes considerably to enhancing work efficiency. The company’s services include comprehensive advice and support to customers, detailed planning and after-sales support.

Bott GmbH & Co. KG
Hall 21b, Booth 212

Contact: Axel Theurer
Phone: +49-7971-251189

BWT Wassertechnik: Water treatment systems offering greater comfort, protection and savings

BWT Wassertechnik: Water treatment systems offering greater comfort, protection and savings
AQA perla and AQA therm

One of the highlights of this exhibitor’s bautec 2016 presentation is the E1 Einhebelfilter – a single-lever filter which ensures maximum drinking water hygiene. The product won LifeCare Initiative’s “Home & Trend Award” as Innovation of the Year 2014 as well as the “Golden Award Best of the Best” in the “Building Fixtures & Interior Design” category. Also on show is the AQA perla soft water system, which supplies velvety-soft water (“Perlwasser”) on tap to domestic households. The system is fitted with the innovative AQA Stop, AQA Safe valve and AQA Watch safety features as well as a filter replacement and salt level indicator. BWT has also enhanced its "AQA therm" system (illustration) for filling and topping-up heating systems with softened water, creating a simple, environmentally-friendly heating-water treatment method which conforms with accepted standards. Both the AQA therm heating filling block and the AQA therm heating water softener station have been given a distinctive new design and have been equipped with additional functions and features for the user’s benefit.

BWT Wassertechnik GmbH
Hall 22b, Booth 224

Contact: Gerald Nußbaumer
Phone: +49-6203-73109

Böger Systemklinker: High-efficiency red-brick and PU-foam combination

Böger Systemklinker: High-efficiency red-brick and PU-foam combination
red-brick system elements

The red-brick system elements (Z-33.5-625, see illustration), made by this exhibitor combine red-brick veneer with a composite thermal insulation system. The prefabricated connection unites polyurethane (PU) high-performance insulating material with brick veneer in one single building element. These elements are manufactured by joining high-quality veneer bricks, which are approx. 18 mm thick and available in various formats and colours, to high-efficiency PU insulating material, without any additional adhesive. Böger red-brick system elements allow more efficient construction of stable and durable red-brick façades. This red-brick veneer system consists of elements that can be manufactured to match the building project and simply screwed onto the building’s walls. The screw bushings integrated into the elements are a special feature and allow the elements to be affixed without damaging the insulating material. Depending on the thickness of material used, the rated λ values range from 0.028 to 0.030 W/mK.

Böger Systemklinker Produktions GmbH
D-Bad Freienwalde (Oder)
Hall 21a, Booth 130

Contact: Nicole Böger
Phone: +49-3379-445865

CARLISLE® Construction Materials: Professional sealing of cross-joints and T-joints

CARLISLE® Construction Materials: Professional sealing of cross-joints and T-joints
RESIFLEX® 3D expansion joint seal

The sealing of cross-joints and T-joints, along with the sealing of movement and expansion joints, always constitutes a major challenge. Carlisle® CM Europe has now developed a remarkable product specially for these applications: RESIFLEX® 3D (illustration). The special feature of this new product, which is made of EPDM high-strength synthetic rubber, is that it has absolutely no internal reinforcement so it can adapt to and compensate for substrate movements in all three dimensions, especially at the points where joints cross. To achieve this, RESIFLEX® 3D above all makes use of the EPDM material’s remarkably good elastic strain characteristics (up to 500 percent). The RESIFLEX® 3D panel, measuring 33 by 33 cm, always regains its original shape without any lasting material property changes. It retains its elasticity in all directions while ensuring sustained and safe sealing.

CARLISLE® Construction Materials GmbH
Hall 20, Booth 204

Contact: Kirsten Ohlendorf
Phone: +49-40-788933126

CCVOSSEL: Forget magnetic pinboards – use GROM instead

CCVOSSEL: Forget magnetic pinboards – use GROM instead
Project overview

The product’s manifesto lies in its unusual name: GROM – the acronym for “Get Rid Of Magnets”, and that’s exactly what it does. This software package is an alternative to the conventional magnetic pinboards still used in many companies to plan HR and machinery deployment. CCGROM (illustration) is as easy and intuitive to use as a conventional magnetic pinboard and requires no extensive user training. The software provides a clearly arranged overview of all current projects (illustration). It can be individually extended and adapted, for example by adding a GPS module that reports the current location of machines. Free resources are indicated immediately. With the integrated time recording function, the operating hours of individual machines can be determined immediately. This year, CCGROM was awarded a BEST OF 2015 industry certificate.

Hall 21a, Booth 126

Contact: Liane Thiede
Phone: +49-30-609840920

Constans: Extremely low thermal transmittance

Constans: Extremely low thermal transmittance
MB-104 Passive window system

Constans has introduced a new product to its aluminium component programme: the “MB-104 Passive” window system by Polish manufacturer ALUPROF (illustration). This window system with thermal insulation inserts has particularly favourable thermal transmittance with Uf values of 0.76 W/m²K and lower. The casement depth of the wing is 104 mm. The system has been tested by the Passivhaus Institut Dr. Wolfgang Feist in Darmstadt, and, as the exhibitor points out, the triple-glazed high-quality MB-104 Passive range with Ug = 0.5 W/m²K only costs around 13 % more than standard elements made with ALUPROF 86 profiles. The use of a typical “Euro” fitting groove allows installation of both aluminium and plastic fittings. Either hidden or traditional open hinges can be used for these windows, which can be fitted with either surface-mounted handles or recessed lock gearing with off-the-shelf handles.

Constans Sp. z o.o.
Hall 25, Booth 313

Contact: Miroslaw Urbanowicz
Phone: +48-95-7287010

CREATON: Gentle curves and smooth profiles

CREATON: Gentle curves and smooth profiles
GALANT and CANTUS (on the right)

The new “CANTUS” reform tile and the new “GALANT” flat roof tile (illustration - left) offer a wide range of options for creative roofing designs. According to the exhibitor, “GALANT” sets new benchmarks in terms of flexibility and harmony. Gentle curves and smooth profiles are characteristic for this tile, making it ideal for aesthetic and safe roofs. Its enormous adjustment range – the largest in its class – and a renovation-friendly batten spacing of 300 – 350 mm makes “GALANT” the most flexible flat roof tile on the market. While one group of customers attaches particular importance to the quality, another is more interested in a timeless and clear design – the new reform tile “CANTUS” with its “HIGH FIRING FACTOR” combines both. In addition to exceptional hardness, density and surface resistance, the tile also features a solid-coloured clay body, making the refinishing of cut edges a thing of the past.

Hall 20, Booth 100

Contact: Björn Hein
Phone: +49-8272-860

DACH-Innenabdichtung Balcerek: Elastic special mortar to fix cracking joints and protect against snow

DACH-Innenabdichtung Balcerek: Elastic special mortar to fix cracking joints and protect against snow
Application of ROBA-flex®

WROBA-flex® offers an economical way of sealing leaky roofs. The elastic special mortar ensures long-lasting protection against weathering and can be used wherever old mortar joints are beginning to crack and underlayments are crumbling. This can extend the service life of an old roof by decades. The special mortar is also recommended for new roofs, since it lasts longer than any underlayment. When applied by injection methods (illustration), the solvent-free dispersion material is ideal for sealing roofs and securing roofing tiles from the building’s interior. ROBA-flex® follows the movements of the roof throughout the year, both in summer and in winter. The manufacturer, DACH-Innenabdichtung Balcerek, has been working for more than 50 residential housing associations as well as on many churches, castles and other listed buildings since 1990.

DACH-Innenabdichtung Balcerek Prop. Rolf Balcerek
Hall 21a, Booth 119

Contact: Rolf Balcerek
Phone: +49-35872-33329

E.u.r.o.Tec: Hidden or visible slab supports

E.u.r.o.Tec: Hidden or visible slab supports
Stone-System for stone slab or wood board decks

At its exhibition stand in Hall 21a, the Hagen-based German company E.u.r.o.Tec GmbH, will be presenting its new substructure system for stone-slab and wooden decks and patios. This “Stone-System” (illustration) is fast and easy to install, making it suitable for both amateurs and professionals alike. So-called “stone clips” are used to lay the stone slabs on an aluminium supporting frame. The substructure rests on height-adjustable feet, allowing the entire assembly to be levelled quickly and easily. The exhibitor offers this system as an all-inclusive package. Adjustable feet, which can be extended using adapters, are available in three heights and are fitted to the substructure using a time-saving click-adapter. The special advantage of this system: it is multifunctional and can also be used as a hidden or visible support for wooden decks.

E.u.r.o.Tec GmbH
Hall 21a, Booth 103

Contact: Jasmin Sahnow
Phone: +49-2331-6245154

ED Controls: Effective cooperation via app

ED Controls: Effective cooperation via app
ED Controls used on a tablet device

Using the “ED Controls” app, contractors and all others involved in a building project can send the foremen and supervisors clear and well-structured information on what still needs to be done. In this way, everyone can keep track of the tasks that still to be addressed and stays informed on the current status of the project. The principal, the contractor and his sub-contractors can download this app at the App- and Play-Store, so that effective cooperation on the construction site is ensured at all times. Other involved parties are granted individual user permissions, depending on whether they are supervisors, consultants or persons who need to be informed, and can log onto the system accordingly whenever they wish, free of charge. The software solution is available as an app on mobile devices (illustration) as well as on the internet, providing everyone with an excellent overview of what tasks still have to be completed and giving a clear definition of responsibilities.

ED Controls
Hall 21a, Booth 124

Contact: Canan Öperli
Phone: +49-2551-1859881

effidur: Ultra-thin floor renovation systems

effidur: Ultra-thin floor renovation systems
effidur floor renovation system

The innovative effidur floor renovation systems (illustration) come with integrated floor heating. The underlying principle is as follows: permanently joined and profiled pairs of steel sheets form honeycomb-like sheets that are laid out over the floor surface and joined together using a simple click system. A heating-water tube is run inside this “honeycomb” structure. After the sheets have been laid, they are covered with the poured screed specially supplied for this system. The required top screed cover is merely 5 mm, meaning that the total added height, including screed, is just 15 mm, instead of the 65 mm normally required for underfloor-heating. The effidur system is as convenient to control as normal radiators and is not as sluggish as normal underfloor heating. It takes only 10 minutes for a perfect, homogeneous heat distribution to be achieved. effidur systems are approved to withstand imposed loads of up to 500 kg/m².

effidur GmbH
Hall 22b, Booth 201

Contact: Ronny Seifert
Phone: +49-371-2399115

EFS Schermbeck: Soundless — thanks to ionic wind

EFS Schermbeck: Soundless — thanks to ionic wind
ECO CLEAN air treatment unit

ECO CLEAN innovation (illustration) by EFS Schermbeck removes all kinds of substances – such as ultra-fine dust particles, residential toxins emitted by carpets and furniture, spores, allergenic particles, pollen, germs, bacteria and viruses – from contaminated air. It does this by generating a soundless ionic wind. The “healthy air”, free of all pollutants, is simply blown out through the unit's vent. These devices, which are suitable for a variety of applications, consume 10 W at a throughput of 60–100 m³/h and 15 W at a throughput of 80-150 m³/h. In other words, when operated for approx. 12 hours a day, energy costs amount to only € 1.10 – € 1.60 per month. A simple maintenance procedure, including replacement of the activated charcoal filter, is required at six-month intervals and costs around € 50. As the exhibitor points out, the slightly higher investment costs of purchasing a German product from a German supplier are easily justified by a considerable improvement of indoor air quality and are partly offset by low running costs.

EFS Schermbeck GmbH
Hall 23a, Booth 107

Contact: Ulrike Rogge
Phone: +49-30-8332093

EnerSearch Solar: Utilising solar energy for ventilation systems

EnerSearch Solar: Utilising solar energy for ventilation systems
EnerSearch solar ventilation system

The main idea behind the new EnerSearch Solar ventilation system was to show that renewable energies can be used for this application, too (illustration). In conventional systems, some of the heating energy is lost, whereas in insulated buildings, it is retained in order to save energy. An even better idea would be to use warm air for ventilation, reducing heating demands even further. This is exactly what the EnerSearch solar ventilation concept does. It works with an air collector integrated into the building wall, i. e. into the composite insulation system, and this warms up cool outdoor air using solar radiation energy. By creating the EnerSearch Basic ventilation system, the exhibitor has found an alternative to conventional window-frame vents. A heat exchanger integrated into the composite thermal insulation system and operated by the counter-current principle supplies the interior of the building with a continuous stream of fresh outdoor air, which is then heated by the extract air with a heat retrieval factor of almost 95 %.

EnerSearch Solar GmbH
Hall 22b, Booth 200

Contact: Dr. Albrecht Rittmann
Phone: +49-711-8385605

ENVISYS: Powerful software package for energy-planning and consultancy services

ENVISYS: Powerful software package for energy-planning and consultancy services
Module for energy-engineering inspection of air-conditioning systems

Weimar-based ENVISYS GmbH & Co. KG provides software for architects, engineers and other energy consultants who wish to advise clients specifically and efficiently on building energy issues and need to plan and compile “proof of consumption” documents. The exhibitor emphasises the high quality, wide performance range and comprehensive service features of the software. The basic EVEBI product is supported by a wide variety of modules that answer virtually all energy-related questions on buildings. Particularly worth mentioning are the comprehensive reporting functions, the depth and range of coverage on relevant topics and the up-to-date availability of information, particularly on state subsidy programmes. One recent addition is the module for energy-engineering inspection of air-conditioning systems (illustration) in accordance with EnEV §12. The systems are evaluated as described in DIN SPEC 15240 in conjunction with DIN V 18599. ENVISYS operates its own academy and offers further-training certificates for acceptance to the list of German energy-efficiency surveyors.

Hall 21a, Booth 170

Contact: Angela Schöffel
Phone: +49-3643-4952710

Forum Verlag Herkert: Special information service for construction managers

Forum Verlag Herkert: Special information service for construction managers
Special information service for construction managers

The new information service “Der Bauleiter” (“The construction manager”) published by Forum Verlag Herkert GmbH is a real help when it comes to professional and safe management of construction sites despite the flood of regulations and cost and deadline pressures. Ten editions a year are issued and these contain practical articles on building legislation, construction engineering, costs, organisation and safety. The topics are dealt with in a compact and informative manner by experienced experts. In every 20-page issue, readers will find helpful articles specifically aimed at assisting construction site managers in their everyday work. This gives them the tailor-made information they need to meet their responsibilities and ensure problem-free progress on the building site. The information service, with the full title “Der Bauleiter – Recht, Technik und Management in der Bauleitung” (The construction manager – law, technology and management in construction management) is available as a print version as well as a digital version in PDF format. More details can be found at: “”.

Forum Verlag Herkert GmbH
Hall 21a, Booth 127

Contact: Ute Klingner
Phone: +49-8233-381118

FRANKEN-Systems: Long-term reliability down to the last detail

FRANKEN-Systems: Long-term reliability down to the last detail
Liquid plastic sealing solutions

FRANKEN Systems GmbH is showing its newest generation of liquid sealing materials at its bautec stand in Hall 20. The company will be presenting its FRANKOLON® two-component liquid plastic and FRANKOSIL®1K single-component sealing system – innovative chemical products for the building industry which can be used to seal roofs, balconies (illustration), terraces, parking decks, underground garages and for many other applications. Thanks to the unique polyurethane hybrid technology, these sealing materials, approved according to the highest performance classes of the European Technical Approval Guidelines (ETAG), are completely free of solvents and plasticisers and can therefore be used in sensitive areas both indoors and outdoors. What’s more, they are easy to process, are chemically stable and ensure long-term durability down to the last detail. FRANKEN-Systems offers customers all-in-one solutions, from suitable primers right up to attractive surface coatings.

FRANKEN-Systems GmbH
Hall 20, Booth 122

Contact: Philip Brdlik
Phone: +49-9332-5938444

G&W Software Entwicklung: Making CAD data commercially usable

G&W Software Entwicklung: Making CAD data commercially usable
BIM2AVA component view

The “BIM2AVA” module (illustration) by G&W translates the digital CAD model of a building in the BIM process into a commercial accounting model in the construction cost management software. Thanks to the bidirectional interface, every component seen from the aspect of ITT, contracting and invoicing can be directly localised in the 3D model and vice versa. The automatically generated room and building book precisely determines the required quantities of components and services and is updated every time a change is made to the model. All components and rooms included in the BIM model are mapped and arranged in logical groups in the room and building book using specifications stored in the IFC file. Changes to the BIM CAD model are automatically updated both in the room and building book and in the cost planning file. BIM2AVA allows quick and precise cost identification as well as cost calculation with automated generation of BOQs. provides the BOQ s in geometry-oriented form in the room and building book, as well as in task-oriented form, including BOQs, classified according to DIN 276.

G&W Software Entwicklung GmbH
Hall 21a, Booth 145

Contact: Dr. Cornelia Stender
Phone: +49-89-51506715

GASAG Berliner Gaswerke AG: Optimum efficiency and improved ease of use

GASAG Berliner Gaswerke AG: Optimum efficiency and improved ease of use
GASAG stand at bautec 2014

As the company to contact for utilities in Berlin und Brandenburg GASAG now offers an all-round Smart Home room automation service. According to the exhibitor, besides putting together concepts and planning individual building systems the company also coordinates the installation of custom hardware and is the point of contact and main provider of services for its customers. The advantages for the customer: reduced energy consumption, an increase in the functional value of the house and intelligent controls are guarantees of efficiency and improved ease of use. Visitors to the company’s stand in Hall 23b (photo) at bautec 2016 can find out everything about Smart Home and other services offered by GASAG and obtain detailed advice.

GASAG Berliner Gaswerke AG
Hall 23b, Booth 203

Contact: Andreas Jarfe
Phone: +49-30-78724316

Georg Fischer: Safe drinking water systems

Georg Fischer: Safe drinking water systems

Taking as its slogan ’All about you’, at bautec 2016 GF is displaying products that provide safe drinking water. The focus is on systems that cover everything from drinking water extraction to water distribution at the point of use, offering a high quality of living at home. GF markets drinking water installations and hygiene systems (photo) that meet the demands of the new drinking water directive. On its stand in Hall 22b the company is showcasing products that supply drinking water in buildings, including proven systems such as the JRG Sanipex classic and MT as well as its innovative Hycleen Des 30 diaphragmalysis technology. According to the exhibitor, building system planners and facility managers value the outstanding quality of GF products because they are easy to install and maintain.

Georg Fischer GmbH
Hall 22b, Booth 223

Contact: Petra Kohn
Phone: +49-7161-302207

GSB GmbH: Odour reduction by means of ions and ozone

 GSB GmbH: Odour reduction by means of ions and ozone
LH-UL250 recirculation fan

Garbage container rooms are not really places where you want to spend a lot of time. All the same, tenants and other users should be protected from unpleasant odours. This can be achieved by cleaning the air with a recirculation system. A certain ozone concentration, such as is found in a natural environment, combined with separate ion generation, leads to considerable odour reduction in the activated charcoal filter at the unit’s intake opening. GSB GmbH’s innovative device with four mounting points is easily installed on ceilings, providing an ideal and economical installation solution. The devices are also suitable for use in smokers’ lounges and the storerooms of restaurants or other facilities. Low operating costs and simple maintenance are additional positive features of LH-UL250 recirculation fans (illustration). At the “Innovation Market for Building Technology“ in Hall 23a, bautec visitors can obtain more detailed information on this unit and on many other innovative devices, systems and solutions.

GSB Gesellschaft für sicherheits- und brandschutztechnische Komponenten und Anlagen mbH
Hall 23a, Booth 107

Contact: Ulrike Rogge
Phone: +49-30-8332093

HONEYWELL: Intelligent room temperature controls

HONEYWELL: Intelligent room temperature controls
evohome heating control system

Thanks to its “smart-zoning” technology, Honeywell’s evohome (illustration) intelligent heating control system can adapt itself individually to the rooms of a single apartment, a family home or an apartment block. The system can integrate radiators, zone controls, boiler returns, mixed-circuit controls and even underfloor heating systems. evohome smart zoning allows intelligent individual room temperature control in up to twelve rooms. The control process is handled by one single central control unit which transmits control signals to the radiator valve controls by a wireless link. The heating system can also be controlled with a smartphone or tablet using the evohome app. This arrangement allows users to set the temperatures in their homes individually at any time, irrespective of their current whereabouts. The system can also be linked to the IFTTT web service.

HONEYWELL GmbH Haustechnik
Hall 23a, Booth 115

Contact: Volker Galonske
Phone: +49-6261-810

HOSCH Gebäudeautomation: rigentoS3 system manager increases planning reliability for fire-prevention systems

HOSCH Gebäudeautomation: rigentoS3 system manager increases planning reliability for fire-prevention systems
rigentoS3 smoke extraction system

HOSCH Gebäudeautomation’s new TÜV-certified smoke extraction control system offers building installation and fire-prevention engineers an all-in-one system with more safety and convenience and easier installation. Thanks to its easy-to-use integrated tools, the all-in-one rigento S3 smoke extraction system (illustration) avoids costly and time-consuming procedures such as one-off approval or complex cable-laying, wiring and documentation. In addition to integrated risk analysis, the system’s outstanding features include time-saving parameter assignment as opposed to complex individual pre-programming. The “rigentoPlan” PC-based planning tool takes care of risk analysis and documentation and, thanks to a GAEB interface for exporting pre-worded specifications, makes it easier to draft invitations to tender. In addition, the integrated “regentoEng” PC configuration and commissioning tool configures servo and sensor control using the rigentoS3 system.

HOSCH Gebäudeautomation GmbH
Hall 23a, Booth 107

Contact: Uwe Manzke
Phone: +49-30-25090973

Hottgenroth Software: Modern, modular planning and consultancy software

Hottgenroth Software: Modern, modular planning and consultancy software
HottCAD software core

Hottgenroth Software develops commercial accounting, technical and CAD software as well as Internet applications for the energy efficiency, construction and ancillary building trades, facility technology planning and design sectors. The company’s programmes support planning engineers, architects and tradesmen through diverse planning phases. As the exhibitor emphasises, Hottgenroth is currently a market leader in some of these sectors. The software is based on uniform data model with CAD (HottCAD, illustration) that forms the software core. Data collected in this core can be used by all other programmes produced by the company, and the exchange of data is possible. Advantages for users: data only have to be captured once, can be multiply used and can be individually enhanced thanks to the modular system. HottCAD provides an IFC interface for data exchange as part of BIM projects. This means that building models can be read in and domain models exported easily and efficiently in the future.

Hottgenroth Software GmbH & Co. KG
Hall 21a, Booth 170

Contact: Martina Stork
Phone: +49-221-70993300

Innung Sanitär Heizung Klempner Klima Berlin: Competence centre for energy-efficient building services engineering

Innung Sanitär Heizung Klempner Klima Berlin: Competence centre for energy-efficient building services engineering
SHK training centre

The SHK training centre (illustration) of the Innung SHK Berlin (Berlin guild of plumbers and HVAC technicians) is one of Europe’s most modern centres for vocational and further training in the plumbing and HVAC trades. It offers specialist workshops, training workshops and seminar rooms on approximately 4,400 m² of floor space. Since 2014, measures have been underway to convert the existing training centre, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy together with the Berlin Senate Department for Labour, Integration and Women’s Affairs, into a competence centre for energy-efficient building services engineering and paying special attention to accessibility issues. The competence centre plans to provide solutions by offering a differentiated range of qualification courses. Six seminar rooms will be converted into specialised workshops focusing on the topics: water, air, energy-efficient building services engineering, fire protection and accessibility. The qualification courses are to give companies operating in the plumbing and HVAC trade the competence to provide their customers with expert advice on the latest technologies.

Innung Sanitär Heizung Klempner Klima Berlin
Hall 23b, Booth 215

Contact: Dr. Stephanie Irrgang
Phone: +49-30-39926918

inVENTer: Individual multi-zone control for ventilation systems

inVENTer: Individual multi-zone control for ventilation systems
MZ-One control system

Cool and fresh in the bedroom, warm and cosy in the living-room and fast humidity control in the bathroom – up to now, implementing individual room ventilation control has required great technical effort. This is where inVENTer, a company from the town of Löberschutz in Thuringia, comes in with its MZ-One® (Multi-Zone One, see illustration) control system. The market innovation: this device, with a central control unit and remote Clust-Air controller modules, can control as many as 16 ventilation units in up to four separate building zones all at the same time. Development work and implementation of the MZ-One systems focused on user-friendliness, ease of operation and a wide function range. Thanks to the remarkable Clust-Air technology, it is now possible to divide the ventilation system of a residential unit into as many as four separately controllable zones. The user can then assign a separate ventilation setting to each zone.

inVENTer GmbH
Hall 22b, Booth 232

Contact: Janett Bergmann
Phone: +49-36427-211352

Kermi: Walk-in showers

Kermi: Walk-in showers
Liga off-ground sliding doors

The sliding-door versions (illustration) of “Liga” shower enclosures combined with a Kermi shower base create an extremely convenient walk-in shower. The space-saving sliding doors are especially suitable for small bathrooms as they require no additional space when opened. The off-floor sliding doors – with two or four panels either as corner entry or quadrant versions – glide open easily and quietly thanks to the use of high-quality ball-bearing rollers. With an installation height of only 70 mm, the “Line E70” complete board, which can be tiled fully, allows the creation of a barrier-free walk-in shower enclosure in almost every “shower instead of bathtub” renovation project. The “Walk-In XB” shower solution is supplied in two parts for easy transport, is made of 8 mm clear, reinforced safety glass and is available in various widths. An additional fixed mirror glass panel offers an optional full-length bathroom mirror.

Kermi GmbH
Hall 22a, Booth 102

Contact: Nina Fleischmann
Phone: +49-9931-501761

KUHFUSS DELABIE: Solutions for public washrooms

KUHFUSS DELABIE: Solutions for public washrooms
Drop-down grab bar, S21 S toilet and TEMPOMATIC 4 electronic tap

Battery, solenoid valve and electronics unit are all integrated into the body of the electronic “TEMPOMATIC 4” tap (illustration). This ensures optimum hygiene as well as water and energy savings of up to 90 percent. The purist design of KUHFUSS DELABIE’s new drop-down grab bar (illustration), with concealed mountings, is very distinctive. It is made of bacteriostatic EN 1.4301 stainless steel and has a bright “UltraPolish” finish. The model was successfully tested with weights of more than 200 kg, bears the CE mark and comes with a 10-year guarantee. The wall-mounted “S21 S” wash-down WC (illustration) has a concealed perimeter flushing rim. This, too, is made of 1.5 mm bacteriostatic EN 1.4301 stainless steel. The deep-drawn seamless bowl guarantees optimum hygiene.


Contact: Philipp Hoffmann
Phone: +49-160-99146480

LTM: Superior noise protection

LTM: Superior noise protection
Deluxe interior cover for LTM Thermo-Fan 200-50

Building projects near busy roads, beneath air approach corridors or next to railway lines are becoming increasingly commonplace and call for more sophisticated solutions that take quality of life into account. Peace and quiet is a good remedy for stress and fresh air provides a comfortable and healthy atmosphere. With its new deluxe interior cover for the LTM Thermo-Fan 200-50 (illustration), LTM is now offering an ideal solution for high-end construction projects. The elegant cover for interior rooms and spaces achieves additional dampening of intruding ambient noise by up to 8dB* thanks to its integrated internal acoustic absorption function. In conjunction with LTM’s easyclick Schall dB40 external cowl, the deluxe interior cover can achieve a reference sound level difference of up to 48 db*. These additional enhancements mean that the LTM Thermo-fan 200-50 can be used in projects that are subject to noise-protection approval. (* based on the comparison procedure for measurements in buildings as specified in DIN EN ISO 717-1:2006.)

Hall 22b, Booth 209

Contact: Birgit Richter
Phone: +49-731-4098670

Max Weishaupt: Condensing boiler system with solar tap-water heating

Max Weishaupt: Condensing boiler system with solar tap-water heating
Central heating system with Installation Tower (middle)

One of the products being shown by Weishaupt at bautec 2016 is the new Installation Tower (Illustration: Weishaupt Installation Tower, middle, in conjunction with WTC-OB oil-fired condensing boiler, right, and WASol solar tap-water heat store, left). This combines all connections, valves and equipment required for the installation of a modern heating system in a single compact housing. The benefits for installation work are obvious: all components are designed to meet practical demands and can be easily and quickly installed. A high standard of safety is ensured right from the start since the entire hydraulic unit has already been tested for leak-tightness and is fully thermally insulated. The electrical components are already interconnected. All this makes the Weishaupt Installation Tower an ideal solution for condensing-boiler systems with solar tap-water heating. It can also be used to refurbish existing systems within a short installation time – even in the cold season.

Max Weishaupt GmbH
Hall 23a, Booth 111

Contact: Alexander Banach
Phone: +49-30-7579030

Meltem Wärmerückgewinnung: Architectural solutions for decentralised ventilation

Meltem Wärmerückgewinnung: Architectural solutions for decentralised ventilation
U² ventilation unit variant for 2-room ventilation

For home-builders who prefer a virtually invisible ventilation system, Meltem has developed the U² installation variant (illustration). With this variant, the M-WRG units are completely hidden inside the wall and only a grille remains visible. The units are controlled by external operating elements such as the “InControl” six-way button sensor or a wireless remote control unit. Fresh-air and extract-air is routed through flat ducts or flexible tubing, preferably inside the wall, right up to the desired external outlet position. The system can be used for direct single-room ventilation or for ventilating a room in conjunction with a second room, which is supplied via a flat duct (110 mm by 54 mm) or flexible tubing (2 times 75 mm) leading to the extract or inflow area of the unit (illustration). Here, either spent air is extracted or fresh air is fed in. This provides an interesting solution for a lot of new constructions as well as for rehabilitation projects, for example apartments in which the bathroom has no outside walls.

Meltem Wärmerückgewinnung GmbH & Co. KG
Hall 22b, Booth 203

Contact: Dieter Last
Phone: +49-541-5804699

MRU: Hand-held measuring device with touch display for the plumbing and HVAC trades

MRU: Hand-held measuring device with touch display for the plumbing and HVAC trades
DELTAsmart flue gas analyser

The new DELTAsmart (illustration) device is ideal for measuring flue gas parameters of gas boilers, oil, gas and wood-fired heating systems, including gas condensing systems. Standard features also include pressure and temperature measurement functions. The colour touch display allows intuitive navigation around the measuring programmes. The device’s compact dimensions of 82 mm by 169 mm by 44 mm (WxHxD) and fibreglass-reinforced plastic casing make it sturdy and easy to handle. Condensate and dirt are prevented from entering the unit by a large condensate trap with an integrated star-pleated filter. A lithium ion battery ensures long operating times. Thanks to novel MSM technology, users can change sensors quickly and easily on site, meaning that the device does not need to be sent in for replacements – an otherwise time-consuming procedure. Upon request, a third sensor can be added, e. g. for measuring NOx concentrations.

MRU Messgeräte für Rauchgase und Umweltschutz GmbH
Hall 22b, Booth 214

Contact: Martin Seegräber
Phone: +49-7132-996243

NETAFIM Deutschland: Need-oriented irrigation of green spaces

NETAFIM Deutschland: Need-oriented irrigation of green spaces
Web-based irrigation control system

Urban green spaces such as parks and roadside trees have a positive effect on the city’s climate. They also provide recreation space for city inhabitants and habitats for flora and fauna. The main basic requirement for healthy green spaces is an adequate water supply. As the exhibitor explains, controlled and need-oriented irrigation is a new and indispensible standard. The manufacturer Netafim™ offers professional technology for modern water management systems. Especially the automated, web-interface-based control technology that enables mobile monitoring will improve the efficiency and economy of irrigation systems. In Hall 25 at bautec 2016, NETAFIM Deutschland GmbH is showing cutting-edge solutions for controlling and remote monitoring of green-space irrigation systems (illustration).

NETAFIM Deutschland GmbH
D-Frankfurt am Main
Hall 25, Booth 208

Contact: Nico Heinemann
Phone: +49-6101-50510

OERTLI-ROHLEDER Wärmetechnik: Fewer components thanks to a compact modular design

OERTLI-ROHLEDER Wärmetechnik: Fewer components thanks to a compact modular design
Gas-fired, floor-standing condensing boiler GSR 330 Condens

The “GMR 2025 Condens” wall-mounted boiler with a thermal power range of 5.6 to 24 kW is designed for direct central-heating circuits and hot-water supply systems. It comes with a class-A high-efficiency pump and a room sensor/control unit which can communicate by wireless connection if desired. The compact modular design means that the unit has very few components and only weighs around 18 kg without the series-model installation frame and approximately 23 kg if a separately installed frame is used. In particular the ease with which the “GSR 330 Condens” (illustration) can be separated into a heat exchanger and gas line section, the fact that it is delivered with castors and the pallet has a ramp attached allow easy transportation of this gas-fired, floor-standing condensing boiler through narrow and winding corridors. Its specific boiler weight is only 1kg/kW (approx). Other features are the improved combined gas-air control and a cast Al-Si heat exchanger.

Hall 23b, Booth 216

Contact: Ellen Jost
Phone: +49-7141-245420

Organoid Technologies: Sweet-smelling surfaces and acoustic panels

Organoid Technologies: Sweet-smelling surfaces and acoustic panels
Hand-mown alpine hay décor surface

Organoid Technologies, an Austrian company, will be presenting its unique natural products for interior furnishings for the first time in Berlin. These products are made from hand-mown alpine hay (illustration) from the Tyrolean Alps, as well as from rosebuds and lavender stems, each exuding its own individual scent. The natural products are available in the form of decorative 4 m² panels in 27 different décors and are used as furniture fronts or as wall panels in hotels and shops or as exclusive interior fittings. Another highlight will be the highly effective acoustic products available as panel or slotted absorbers or as picture absorbers, all with sound absorption class A. These products have won the red dot award twice. They delight the senses, especially the sense of smell, with their authentic smell of hand-mown alpine hay grown on the hillsides of the Wildspitze, Tyrol’s highest mountain, at an altitude of 1,700 m. Each individual piece is lovingly handcrafted.

Organoid Technologies GmbH
Hall 25, Booth 317

Contact: Martin Jehart
Phone: + 43-5449-20001

Pressalit Care: Wash basin with adjustable height

Pressalit Care: Wash basin with adjustable height
SELECT wash basin lifter

Wash basins are often mounted too high for anyone sitting on a stool or in a wheelchair to wash themselves comfortably. The electric SELECT wash basin lifter (illustration) moves the wash basin up and down by 300 mm so that it can be used either in a standing or a seated position. The operating lever and the integrated hand-holds offer safe and sturdy support for anyone who has difficulty standing or has problems keeping their balance. The wash basin lifter is available with fronts in several colours and can be used to create a pleasant contrast to other colours in the room. This can also help persons with vision impairments find their way around. With its unpretentious, functional appearance, the wash basin lifter becomes a natural component in a friendly bathroom, without requiring compromises regarding design, safety and function.

Pressalit Care
Hall 22b, Booth 236

Contact: Ralf Remmert
Phone: +49-175-2647930

redstone: Preventing damp, mould and fungus

redstone: Preventing damp, mould and fungus
Vivo interior insulation and renovation board

Calcium silicate is an eco-friendly mineral insulating material that is not hazardous to health and ensures a well-balanced indoor climate. Thanks to a large proportion of micropores, calcium silicate products have a high capillary absorbency, are extremely hydrophilic – they can absorb triple their own weight of water – and provide good thermal insulation. Calcium silicate is very alkaline and is therefore highly fungastatic. Vivo interior insulating and renovation boards ((Masterclima (see illustration)) are open to diffusion and are installed without a vapour barrier. They are resistant to damp, aging, rot, insects and rodents, as well as being light, dimensionally stable and easy to install. In addition to all this, the boards are non-combustible (fire classification A1), environmentally-friendly, biologically safe and are recommended for “healthy living”. The Vivo insulation and building rehabilitation boards come with a wide selection of extras and accessories such as reveal panels, insulation wedges and stucco elements.

redstone GmbH
Hall 21a, Booth 142

Contact: Julia Busch
Phone: +49-421-22314948

Remeha: Integrating heating systems into building automation

Remeha: Integrating heating systems into building automation
Room temperature control app

Thanks to the joint efforts of Remeha and iExergy, it is now possible to integrate heating systems into building automation installations. In addition to providing more comfort in the home, this setup has high energy-saving potential. wibutler by iExergy makes it possible to interlink various functions and products in a digital in-house network. One of these products is the Remeha central heating system. The advantage of this: the required boiler temperature is calculated from measurements taken in all rooms and is controlled automatically on the basis of these. If windows and/or balcony doors are fitted with special contact switches, wibutler detects when they are open and sets the radiators in the room to a lower temperature if so wished. The temperature of every individual room is measured and the radiator valves are controlled accordingly. In addition, an app which comes with the system can be used to set individual room temperatures for different times of day (illustration). These functions not only provide more comfort, they have a high saving potential as well.

Remeha GmbH
Hall 23b, Booth 205

Contact: Dieter Last
Phone: +49-541-5804699

RHEINZINK: Extended roof-drainage system

RHEINZINK: Extended roof-drainage system
Box gutter with prePATINA slate grey finish

The size 400 box gutter is now available with a “prePATINA slate grey” finish (illustration). Matching box gutter stop-ends and brackets, both in the short and long versions, are also available with a prePATINA finish. Another new addition to the box- gutter product range is the plug-in gutter outlet with a connection for square pipes. This is offered for size 333 gutters with prePATINA bright-rolled and blue-grey finishes. Another new product that can be supplied with a bright-rolled or blue-grey finish is the 72 degree elbow for size 100 rectangular pipes. The “Wasserkubus” water cube is yet another accessory product by this exhibitor and can be supplied with dimensions of 200 x 200 mm or 300 x 300 mm and with a prePATINA bright-rolled or blue-grey finish. The standpipes are also available with tried and trusted RHEINZINK finishes. The pipe, which has impact protection, is clad with RHEINZINK and is held in place by stainless-steel brackets. The standpipe is now available with a prePATINA slate grey finish in addition to the traditional blue-grey finish.

Hall 20, Booth 301

Contact: Mareike Füllner
Phone: +49-2363-605237

RootBarrier: Controlled root growth

RootBarrier: Controlled root growth
Root guidance system

RootBarrier, a company from the Netherlands, has developed an extraordinary root growth guidance system. It comprises individual “RootBarrier® RootPanels® Ribs” made of 2 mm gauge HDPE panels. Being equipped with guiding ribs, the system elements can be mounted in a linear, sharp-cornered or a round configuration (illustration). The system guides the roots of trees downwards in a controlled manner. Once they reach below the RootPanels® Ribs, they can follow a natural spread pattern in order to ensure the tree’s stability. The RootPanels® Ribs have a protruding top edge that prevents roots from growing over them. They are also equipped with integrated ground anchors which prevent the tree roots from pushing the RootPanels® Ribs upwards. The panels can be joined together easily to make a root-proof joint with the aid of the screws provided.

RootBarrier B.V.
Hall 25, Booth 206

Contact: Karina Hansen
Phone: +31-320-215805

Schornsteinfeger-Innung in Berlin: First-hand information on up-to-date topics

Schornsteinfeger-Innung in Berlin: First-hand information on up-to-date topics
The guild’s exhibition stand at bautec 2014

At bautec 2016, the Berlin guild of chimney-sweeps will be providing fair visitors with information on the latest trade topics. Customers and anyone else who is interested can obtain first-hand, comprehensive and competent energy advice and information on fire prevention. Anyone who has questions about fireplace and burner certificates or statutory smoke-warning installation requirements, for instance, or wants to find out which chimney-sweep is responsible for their district will find the answers at this stand. School-leavers interested in learning the profession of chimney-sweep will be given sound advice by qualified training instructors and current apprentices will be there to pass on their experiences. The chimney-sweep trade has gained tremendous self-confidence following the radical changes that have taken place over the past few years. This will also be expressed in an exhibition programme supervised in rotation by colleagues from various districts.

Schornsteinfeger-Innung in Berlin (Berlin guild of chimney-sweeps)
Hall 22b, Booth 215

Contact: Henry Laubenstein
Phone: +49-30-8609820

SenerTec: Purist design and even greater efficiency

SenerTec: Purist design and even greater efficiency
The new Dachs generation

SenerTec has added several new features to its “Dachs” model, 33,000 of which have already been sold, and have made it even more efficient. In addition, it has been given a new purist and functional design. Both the air-intake muffler and the exhaust as well as the exhaust-gas heat exchanger (calorific-value utilisation) have now been integrated into the actual unit. This makes it easier to install, saves space and ensures even more economical operation. In comparison to its predecessor model, the thermal output has been increased from 12.5 kW to 14.8 kW and efficiency has been raised by ten percent – from 89 to 99 percent. The control unit with its modern icons and the gas flow path have both been optimised. The new high-efficiency pump is representative for the unit’s special “inner values”, as it consumes considerably less electricity than the previous model. On account of its high efficiency, the new Dachs (illustration) and the associated system technology have obtained the top energy class marking A+++ on the EU energy label that has been compulsory since 26 September 2015.

SenerTec Kraft-Wärme-Energiesysteme GmbH
Hall 23b, Booth 210

Contact: Christopher Tate
Phone: +49-9721-651293

SIK-Holzgestaltung: Demographic change and energy revolution

SIK-Holzgestaltung: Demographic change and energy revolution
Main elements of the presentation concept

A thematic playground tower and a treadmill are the key elements of this exhibition concept (illustration) presented by SIK-Holzgestaltungs GmbH in Hall 25 as part of bautec’s GRÜNBAU BERLIN platform. The presentation makes reference to two of the major problems facing society today: first of all the demographic changes that are taking place, the focus here not necessarily being on an ageing society, but on the meeting and interaction of different generations, and secondly, ongoing transformation of the energy industry – often referred to as the energy revolution. The idea here is to gather elementary experience with different sources of energy by means of playful competition, either between people from different generations or between participants of the same age group. When energy has to be generated using muscle power, it not only becomes more tangible, we also start to appreciate it more.

SIK-Holzgestaltungs GmbH
Hall 25, Booth 302

Contact: Claudia Gust
Phone: +49-33742-79913

Siut: Luminous concrete

Siut: Luminous concrete
Concrete element with LEDs

SIUT optical-fibre concrete is a research project spin-off of the Building Materials and Construction Chemistry Department of the Technische Universität Berlin. The company develops pre-cast concrete elements which have light-emitting elements embedded in them using a new and unique technology (illustration). These optical elements let light shine out of the concrete, but when switched off, they are invisible and cannot be felt. In this way, illuminated lines, texts and logos can be switched on and off as required. The colour of the concrete ranges from white to anthracite grey, thus offering subtle but effective design options. Installation is easy, since the precast concrete elements are lit using off-the-shelf LEDs, which are available in all colours. This luminous concrete can be put to varied use in the home & living sector, in shop and hotel design and in safety applications. The precast concrete elements and the arrangement of the luminous spots are designed individually according to customer requirements.

Siut UG/ Technische Universität Berlin
Hall 25, Booth 220

Contact: Nathalie Byron
Phone: +49-30-31478751

SOLARFOCUS: Heating controls via smartphone or tablet

SOLARFOCUS: Heating controls via smartphone or tablet
mySOLARFOCUS central heating control app

SOLARFOCUS GmbH has specially developed the pelletelegance model to meet small- space requirements. The compact, space-saving boiler requires very little floor area and can therefore be installed flexibly in apartments and small houses. Being able to be set up close to walls provides additional flexibility. This pellet-fired boiler is available in various sizes with outputs of 10, 15, 20 or 45 kW. With an FWMautark system, electrical pump energy and controls are no longer needed for domestic hot water supplies. Water heating in this system is driven solely by the feed pipe pressure, so no pump is needed. The Austrian exhibitor also stresses that new heating control apps make it easier than ever before to heat a building. mySOLARFOCUS (illustration) makes it possible to control the heating system easily and intuitively via a smartphone or tablet – regardless of whether the user is sitting at home on the couch, is out on the road or is still at work.

A-St. Ulrich/ Steyr
Hall 22b, Booth 241

Contact: Florian Landerl
Phone: +43-7252-50002475

SOPREMA: Fast-curing and mechanically strong

SOPREMA: Fast-curing and mechanically strong
ALSAN PMMA in the Zürich Ulmberg tunnel

“ALSAN PMMA” (illustration) made by the sealant specialist SOPREMA can withstand enormous mechanical loads and is also suitable for sealing surfaces subject to high thermo-mechanical stress. The material can be applied even in very cold weather and cures within a few minutes. In conjunction with the ALSAN Deco system finish, it also provides great freedom of design. The ALSAN DICHTBOX kit is an ideal introduction to working with PMMA plastic resins and is perfect for fast repair jobs, while the new SOPRATAPE product makes efficient and tidy edge sealing easier than ever. All layers are applied in one single seal application process, which saves time and improves the seal quality. Interested professionals can use the "Fluid plastics system finder" (Systemfinder Flüssigkunststoffe) to find the right liquid sealing system for their purpose and can obtain additional information at “”.

Hall 20, Booth 118

Contact: Nicole Wagenblass
Phone: +49-621-7360345

Steinicke Handelsgesellschaft: Improved air quality and energy savings

Steinicke Handelsgesellschaft: Improved air quality and energy savings
Universal-Hygieneturm (universal hygiene tower) LH-HGS 3000

In a lot of buildings, problems are caused not only by high concentrations of CO2, but by fine dust, odours, pollutant vapours (VOCs), germs, viruses and bacteria as well. Fine dust, odours, pollutants and other contamination can be removed from the ambient air using atmospheric oxygen activation (ionisation) in recirculation mode. An adequate oxygen supply is ensured by an HVAC system or by opening doors and windows. The Universal-Hygieneturm LH-HGS 3000 (universal hygiene tower - see illustration) not only improves the indoor atmosphere, it also saves a lot of energy since a recirculation system requires no additional heating or cooling of the air passing through it. CO2 sensors can be used to ensure that small HVAC systems supply sufficient fresh air that is rich in oxygen, as specified in DIN EN 13669. Use of the Universal-Hygieneturm LH-HGS 3000 reduces absenteeism in the workplace due to illness as well as operating costs.

Steinicke Handelsgesellschaft für luft- und brandschutztechnische Bauelemente mbH
Hall 23a, Booth 107

Contact: Ulrike Rogge
Phone: +49-30-8332093

STELLA GREEN: Plastic grids for stabilising lawns and gravel surfaces

STELLA GREEN: Plastic grids for stabilising lawns and gravel surfaces

In Hall 25 at bautec 2016, STELLA GREEN, from Poland, is presenting its plastic grids for lawns. These provide a light-weight but durable solution for stabilising lawns, topsoil and gravel surfaces and are practical and eco-friendly alternatives to sealed concrete surfaces. The innovative STELLA GREEN paving grids are not only ideal for garden and landscaping applications, they can also be used for parking lots and to stabilise inclines. This robust, durable and ecological solution is equally beneficial to lawn growth and to the water and nutrient balance of the soil. The grids are available in green (illustration) and black and are made of recycled plastic waste. The grass in the grids is not only allowed to grow upwards, but horizontally as well, so that it can develop sturdy roots.

PL-Gronowo Gorne
Hall 25, Booth 204

Contact: Adam Zalewski
Phone: +48-691-399022

Systemair: Residential ventilation unit with passive-house certification

Systemair: Residential ventilation unit with passive-house certification
SAVE VTC 200 residential ventilation unit

The “SAVE VTC 200” residential ventilation unit (illustration) by Systemair has been awarded the “Certified passive building component – heat recovery unit” certificate. This unit is suitable for spaces up to approx. 200 m² and is equipped with a high-efficiency counter-flow heat exchanger. Its outstanding features include a heat recovery efficiency of up to 90 percent and an energy consumption of 0.34 Wh/m². The unit has an integrated summer-mode bypass for controlling the temperature, while additional external heating and cooling registers ensure maximum comfort. The unit is controlled via the building control system (Modbus) combined with a user-friendly control unit. The SAVE VTC 200 unit conforms to energy efficiency class A, and if fitted with additional humidity and/or CO2 regulation sensors, wirelessly linked to the air-handling unit, can even achieve energy efficiency class A+.

Systemair GmbH
Hall 22b, Booth 208

Contact: Rebecca Mohr
Phone: +49-7930-9272650

TEPRO: Plastic profiles for a wide variety of applications

TEPRO: Plastic profiles for a wide variety of applications
Terrace café using Trimax plastic profiles

Whether you use it in major public construction projects or do-it-yourself jobs, gardening, landscaping or hydraulic constructions – the Trimax® product range provides the perfect solution for practically any outdoor application (illustration). This glass-fibre-reinforced, unmixed recycled plastic has been successfully used for many years, even internationally, in various structures such as walkways, bridges, sheet pile walls, embankment and slope stabilisation structures, terraces, balconies, stairs, coverings and claddings. Trimax® has been given building-authority approval by the German construction engineering institute DIBt (Z-10-9-357), meaning that it can be reliably included in structural engineering calculations and is durable, rot-resistant, frost-resistant, water-repellent, slip-resistant (R11), UV-resistant, can be 100% recycled, is non-toxic, easy to clean, is suitable for bare feet and is splinter-free. The material does not warp or become brittle, and the manufacturer offers a 30-year guarantee.

TEPRO Kunstoff-Recycling GmbH & Co. KG
D-Bad Bodenteich
Hall 25, Booth 203

Contact: Bärbel Roos
Phone: +49-5824-963624

WEKA MEDIA: Keep your information together in one place

WEKA MEDIA: Keep your information together in one place
“Baudokumentation smart&easy 2.0” construction management app

The construction management smartphone app “Baudokumentation smart&easy 2.0” (illustration) by the WEKA MEDIA publishing house captures and stores project-specific photos, notes and e-mails for quick access from your mobile device. Current weather information is also automatically called up and saved along with the project data. All the data for a specific project are automatically linked together and can be synchronised with your PC software. In this way, all important information on a project is stored together and can be easily accessed. Site reports can be compiled and printed at the touch of a button. The HANDWERKSBÜRO PS software by the same vendor offers multimedial information solutions to simplify accounting work and keep this down to a minimum. Only a few clicks are needed to create quotations and invoices and important items are always readily available. Items are calculated and modified directly in the document and can be displayed on screen as accurately as in hard copy. DATEV, Eldanorm/ ZVEH, UGS/ UGL, SHK-Connect and many other interfaces allow easy data export.

Hall 21b, Booth 246

Contact: Stefan Thönges
Phone: +49-8233-239116

Werner Alarmanlagen: VdS C room surveillance with a ceiling-mounted 360-degree dual sensor

Werner Alarmanlagen: VdS C room surveillance with a ceiling-mounted 360-degree dual sensor
histar DUAL 360 dual sensor, ceiling-mounted

As the exhibitor points out, the new "histar DUAL 360" (illustration) by Telenot is the first ceiling-mounted dual sensor to meet the extremely strict VdS class C security standards. Its wide scan area with a 360 ° all-round view and diameter of 20 m when mounted at a height of 5m, 20 detection curtains and dual detector technology make this new surveillance sensor an ideal solution for many applications, e. g. offices and supermarkets, or even specially endangered locations such jewellery shops and banks. Using dual detection technology and with a 360 ° surveillance range, it identifies intruders with great precision, despite consuming only one tenth of the electrical energy required by other ceiling-mounted sensors. It is also the first of its kind to be equipped with Bus-1 technology, and thanks to cutting-edge installation techniques, is easy and fast to install.

Werner Alarmanlagen GmbH
Hall 25, Booth 416a

Contact: Thomas Hildebrandt
Phone: +49-30-3234050

Werner Sicherheitstechnik: Retrofitting of motorised multiple latches with biometric access control

Werner Sicherheitstechnik: Retrofitting of motorised multiple latches with biometric access control
Finger scanner of the access control system

Simply open a door with your fingerprint – now a reality using motorised multiple latches with biometric access controls, an entry-locking system suitable for retrofitting existing doors. The combination of reliable mechanical components and innovative electronics makes locking and opening doors easier and more secure. A servo system integrated into the door unlocks it and releases the latches. As soon as it has been closed, the door is then automatically locked again. This eliminates the danger of losing keys and/or forgetting to lock the door. The reliable biometric finger scanner (illustration) is weatherproof, making it suitable for outdoor installation. It can be programmed directly at the door with no additional software required. The use of innovative finger-swipe technology means that no fingerprints are left on the device, which greatly eliminates the danger of system manipulation.

Werner Sicherheitstechnik GmbH
Hall 25, Booth 416

Contact: Thomas Hildebrandt
Phone: +49-30-3234050

WinWorker Software: Office and construction site, always accessible

WinWorker Software: Office and construction site, always accessible
WinWorker in field use

Winworker Software focuses entirely on the optimised organisation of everyday operations – starting with contract handling, right through to site preparation, customer relations and final cost calculations. The programme saves time by ensuring smooth procedures. Winworker is particularly convenient for mobile work: with the WinWorker app, documents, project and customer data can be called up from any location (illustration). The software interlinks all items perfectly and allows the drafting of customised forms to ensure that nothing is forgotten. These forms can then be signed immediately on the mobile device. Photos, notes and sketches can be used to document site conditions; in the human resources menu, the times registered in the mobile time-keeping system are shown down to the nearest minute. Employees register their work and break times on-site by simply tapping these in on their smart phone, making reference to the current project.

WinWorker Software
Hall 21a, Booth 157

Contact: Nicole Sillekens
Phone: +49-2823-42560

Zehnder Group Deutschland: Individual room ventilation unit with enthalpy exchanger

Zehnder Group Deutschland: Individual room ventilation unit with enthalpy exchanger
Zehnder ComfoSpot 50 ventilation unit

With its ComfoSpot 50 (illustration), the HVAC specialist Zehnder is presenting a new decentralised comfort ventilation unit providing the benefits of excellent room ventilation with enthalpy recovery for small living spaces. The unit requires very little installation and can circulate up to 55 m³ of air per hour, while the high-performance enthalpy exchanger recovers up to 82 percent of the thermal energy and 78 percent of the water vapour. Despite its high performance, the device is astonishingly quiet: at a distance of 3 m and circulating 30 m³/h, sound emission is roughly only 25 dB(A), which is below what is normally audible to human ears. Its compact dimensions make the Zehnder ComfoSpot50 an extremely practical solution for building rehabilitation, as well as a versatile option for new building projects. All that is required for installation is a through-wall hole approx. 340 mm in diameter and a 230 V mains connection.

Zehnder Group Deutschland GmbH
Hall 22b, Booth 205

Contact: Sage & Schreibe Public Relations
Phone: +49-89-23888980

Zehnder: Small pumping systems for aggressive fluids

Zehnder: Small pumping systems for aggressive fluids
Lifting unit S-SWH 100

In Hall 22b at bautec 2016, Zehnder Pumpen GmbH from Grünhain-Beierfeld will be showing its small “SWH” lifting units for above-ground installation and “UFB” lifting units for under-floor installation. Both models are now also available in versions for pumping aggressive fluids. These have been given the type designations “S-SWH (illustration) and “S-UFB”. Their use with aggressive media is made possible by a new pump design series with high-quality slip-ring seals made of silicon carbide (SiC), a motor casing of grade 1.4404 and a motor shaft of grade 1.4462 stainless steel. The exhibitor stresses that it is no longer a problem to pump weakly acidic condensates, abrasive or salty media with a salt concentration of up to 15 percent. In addition, the media being pumped can be allowed to reach temperatures of up to 90° C for brief periods.

Zehnder Pumpen GmbH
Hall 22b, Booth 229

Contact: Matthias Kotte
Phone: +49-3774-52141

ÖkoFEN Heiztechnik: Pellet-fuelled boiler with condensing technology

At bautec 2016, ÖkoFEN is presenting Pellematic Condens (illustration), a remarkable ground-breaking pellet-fuelled boiler concept: Condens condensing technology. The main advantage of this technology is that the new generation of condensing boilers can be integrated into any heating distribution system, making them ideal for replacing old boilers in existing buildings. This is made possible by a high-quality stainless steel heat exchanger and specially-designed heat exchanger geometry. The Condens boiler stands out not only due to its use of condensing technology, which is a great advantage in itself, but also due to its efficiency of 107.3 percent, making it the world’s most efficient pellet heating system currently on the market, the manufacturer claims. Pellematic Condens also stands out due to its easy and flexible installation. Thanks to a new frame construction, the fully- assembled pellet-fuelled boiler can be transported into a boiler room easily by hand truck, without having to disassemble any parts.

ÖkoFEN Heiztechnik GmbH
Hall 23b, Booth 213

Contact: Beate Schmidt-Menig
Phone: +49-8204-2980510